My Story

My aim is to connect with people who share a love of quality design and British-made products. 

Applying a minimalist aesthetic, and working to the principle that less is more, my clothes are designed in a timeless style to make you feel confident, relaxed and comfortable all year around. No fads, no gimmicks - just beautiful clothing created with a considered, sustainable approach. I love to work with local manufacturers and use natural organic materials. 

I want to share some insights with you about the choices I have made, so you can feel confident about your decision to wear my clothes, easy in the knowledge that small changes make big impacts. 

I started my business because I believe design is an art form; a craft needing constant review. Now especially, there is an urgency for considered design and thoughtful innovation, a rejection of the rush for newness and wasteful overproduction. The challenge is to build new ways of working that bypass careless, bad design and cheap (and exploitative) manufacturing. To prevent non-recyclables polluting our landscapes and plastics filling our oceans.  

After 10 years of working in the fashion industry – for brilliant designers including Paul Smith, Sophie Hulme and Deborah Milner, after graduating with a MFA in Fashion Design and Society from Parsons, New York – my last role, as Collection Manager for a well known Fashion brand, left me disillusioned with the industry, and the relentless blur of the seasonal fashion calendar. I walked away to take the time to pause, to see more clearly, and to channel my frustration with the industry in a more positive direction. 

I decided to launch my own collection in November 2018, determined to do better than the system I had experienced. I laid down some principles that would form the foundation of my practice and from which I design and develop my collections – from my studio in Brixton, London.  

I begin with materials. My fabrics are chosen for their quality of construction, longevity and, most importantly, their beauty. Designs are placed under careful consideration and the details refined. The process makes time for precision pattern cutting, fittings, sampling and trialing. 

As for many small businesses, a constant struggle is to source local suppliers and manufacturers who offer low minimum orders – and who do not penalise you for not reaching them. Determined to stick to my guns and make quality not quantity, I decided on a new approach, the ‘Pre-Order’ system, which is my way of managing order expectations, cutting the waste of raw materials and avoiding overproduction. 

My interest in architecture, interiors and design; my love of colour, form and function, craft and travel all go towards influencing my designs. Born to entrepreneurial parents, I grew up in the Cotswolds into a family of creatives with a history in the British woollen cloth weaving industry,  Early’s of Witney. An appreciation of nature and the outdoors, materiality, and craft were all part of my upbringing and have shaped my views and appreciation of clothing design. 

I work with people I trust. They are people I admire for their craft, my family and friends. They are the sound boards, the truth tellers.  

I set my own challenges, in constant search of improvement, working to refine my practice based on the principles important to me and my brand.


Alice Early

Photo Sam Ford